Malika the Teacher

I completed my Certificate of Education at Nottingham University, specialising in belly dance and personal development. I have also completed the Exercise to Music (CYQ) course. I firmly believe that belly dance is a great confidence builder, of which I am proof, and I encourage students to find and develop their own special style. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and passing on my knowledge of the skills, culture and passion of belly dancing to students. Students have the opportunity to perform at my event Sahara Nights if they wish.

PLEASE contact Belly Dance World to confirm the class you wish to attend as sometimes venues change, via email or text giving your name, telephone number and email address.


If you have always wanted to attend a belly dance class but felt a little reluctant, please be assured that you will be welcomed into a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Lessons will always start with a gentle warm up to prepare your body for exercise.

Dance Technique – will focus on correct posture and dance movements with step-by-step demonstration – techniques are repeated on a several occasions to reinforce your learning. All tutors work at the pace of the individual and group.

Choreography – a set dance routine, which will be taught in sections and practiced looking at combinations, performance and presentation.

Dance styles – groups will focus on different dance styles e.g. baladi, oriental, tribal.

Lessons will end with cool down – the group will always cool down at the end of the class, as we need to prevent injury.