Attending A Class

Attending a Class

If you have always wanted to attend a belly dance class but felt a little reluctant, please be assured that you will be welcomed into a FRIENDLY and relaxed atmosphere, classes are small to maximise learning, feel free to ask questions.

Lessons will always start with a gentle warm up to prepare your body for exercise.

Dance Technique – will focus on correct posture and dance movements with step-by-step demonstration – techniques are repeated on a several occasions to reinforce your learning. All tutors work at the pace of the individual and group.

Choreography – a set dance routine, which will be taught in sections and practiced looking at combinations, performance and presentation.

Lessons will end with cool down – the group will always cool down at the end of the class, as we need to prevent injury.


Frequently asked questions
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Will I have to show my belly?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. To show belly or not to show belly is left entirely to the individual.

What do I wear?

Wear loose comfortable clothing, soft dance shoes or bare feet and bring a drink with you..

Am I too old to Belly Dance?

Students range from four years to ninety-six

What if I can’t keep up

The amazing thing about belly dancing is that you can decide which pace suits you! The focus is on your learning and enjoyment of the lesson.

Will there be a break?

Yes, classes over an hour will have a short break so please feel free to bring water with you.

Where do I buy dance accessories?

Belly Dance World sells a range of quality affordable dancewear and accessories that you will be able to purchase.

Is there a age limit?

Belly Dance World students range in age from 4 – 96, belly dance is very inclusive.