Ten Commandments of Belly Dance Performers

Ten Commandments for Performers

  1. Please read the following 9 points and ensure you have read and understood the code of practice before performing at Belly Dance World events.
  2. Please note you will not be able to perform if you have not followed and returned the signed Belly Dance World Terms and Conditions.
  3. It is the performer’s responsibility and duty to ensure that the deadline for music is met (two weeks prior to the event) If you arrive at the event without sending your song or change your song without the consent from BDW you will NOT be allowed to perform and this may affect future performances.
  4. All changes must be made through BDW and you must receive confirmation that changes have been received.
  5. It is the performer’s responsibility to purchase tickets two weeks prior to the event. Tickets can be purchased on the  FaceBook events page or  www.bellydanceworld.co.uk
  6. Organised Groups: It is your responsibility and duty to your students to nominate one person to liaise with BDW. To ensure that your students/dancers/groups have paid in time, sent in music and met the guidelines requested of them.
  7. All performers must complete and return the Terms and Conditions two weeks prior to any event.  If you are doing more than one performance please ensure that you fill in a separate dance form.
  8. All performers attending BDW events must conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, or you will be asked to leave.
  9. Cancellation notice: It is the responsibility of the performer to give at least 14 days notice that they are due to attend. So your space will be allocated to another dancer on the Performers waiting list.
  10. Media coverage: By participating in the event you consent to appear (without any prior knowledge or fee) in our promotional photos/material/literature, web site and DVD. If there any issues relating to media coverage please contact BDW.